Friday, 3 June 2011

Finally, the Eye Spy quilt is complete

A friend's little one had an 'eye spy' quilt that looked like so much fun I asked mum to make one for Little Imp.  She agreed, but left it up to me to begin to collect fun bits of fabric to use in the quilt.  It didn't take long for me to become hooked with all the beautiful fabrics I found on line and, with a bit of encouragement from mum, I decided I'd try my hand at piecing together a quilt myself.

The design of the quilt took shape as I gathered all the fabric pieces, and I ended up using a central plain colour square surrounded by 8 coordinating picture fabric squares to make up each block.
The process of working out which part of each fabric would be the most fun to use, and the ordered process of rotary cutting appealed to methodical me, but the part I really enjoyed was playing around with all the fabric squares to create a layout that I was happy to look at.  A layout where adjoining colours worked together and any fabric doubles were far enough apart not to be noticeable.  I spent hours just playing!
One of many trial layouts
 The end result, a 4x4 layout of blocks, quilting around each block in purple and around each central coloured square in matching colour thread.  As you can see, Little Imp isn't quite at the right age just yet to appreciate the 'eye-spy' feature of the quilt.  Oh so interested she was in crawling all over the pieces as I was in the process of trying to design the layout, and then when I wanted a photo of her sitting on the finished product she just kept crawling away!

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