Saturday, 7 July 2012

Recovering an armchair - Part 2

Little Imp's armchair is complete, with little matching pillows.  What fun I've had.  Check back to Recovering an Armchair Part One for the chair used to look like.  I ended up replacing only the bits in green - the front skirt, arm rests and a piece under the main cushion & kept the original white of the old chair cover for the rest.  The embellishing is made up of a combination of free form machine embroidery, Heat-&-Bond iron on adhesive to attach fabric pieces, hand stitching, felt & buttons.

But for now I might just let the pictures do the talking.

Little flowers and bugs hide at the base of the tree under the cushions & Sullfok puff flowers grow on the wings

Fabric embroidered birds on a ribbon wire with bright buttons & flowers

Applique and free form machine embroidery toadstools and flowers on the front skirt

A hand stitched tree & machine embroidered flowers on the armrest 

Felt embroidered circles & fabric owls on ribbon 

A line of elephants

Friday, 6 July 2012

Ikea Hackers expedit drawers

We are finally getting to fitting out our not-so-new-anymore home extension with furniture & adding a few personal touches.  One corner area has become One Little Imp's play corner and an expedit 4x4 storage cube fitted the bill to begin to retain the play things.

But a cube by itself was not enough to tidy up of course.  A few pull out boxes helped contain the big bits and then some expedit drawers were installed to become a pretend oven, or 'doddy's' bed, or anything else that Little Imp thinks up.

The plain white expedit drawers looked boring though.  Not exciting enough for a play corner.  A little inspiration from a website I stumbled across recently Ikea Hackers reminded me that even new things can be changed and embellished....

So a bit of bright fabric and some bright red painted knobs later this is the result:

Little Imp is happy with her new play space, and I'm happy with the fact things have a place to be put away! Now to find the right reading lamp to sit atop the expedit.  Mmmm, ideas.

P.S. Note the nice new chair peeking in there on the left of these pics?  It's the one that has replaced the wingback chair that I finished recovering yesterday!! - just waiting for daylight to take some photos to upload.