Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Time to 'Capture' something

 The aim of this blog wasn't just to create and craft, but also to 'capture' things outside of these domains.  Had a chance over the weekend to do just that with a visit to Kings Park with overseas visitors.  The local wildlife was very friendly to begin with, and became very, very friendly when I produced Little Imp's corn puff snacks.  Made for some easy close up photo's.

Little Imp seemed oblivious to it all, and after crawling and rolling through the copious duck droppings decided it was time for a spot of 'down-face-dog'!  Good thing I hadn't dressed her in her Sunday Best.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Two Little Owls

I love owls in designs.  Finding a lovely owl print fabric on ebay has inspired a few variations of the 'owl on a branch' applique design.  Whipped up a few more of these baby grows yesterday as a de-stressor after a very trying weekend of screaming child.

Funky Retro Fabric

Came across this very funky fabric on sale a while ago and just had to buy some, even though it wasn't my intended purchase for the day.

Nothing particular in mind for what to make with it, but the colours went well with this pink and orange striped baby grow, so I cut and 'pasted' to create this design.  Happy with the end result, enough to think I might have to make something similar for my little imp given this baby grow is just a bit too small for her.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Little Pouch

I like tidiness, I like organisation.  I needed a little storage pouch for some of those girly bits that tend to get lost at the bottom of the handbag. Having recently discovered the art of patchworking (the finished quilt will be photographed soon) I decided to incorporate this skill in making the pouch.  I also wanted something that would be water resistant.  This is what I ended up with.

After making this one, I also made a smaller version for one of the Hootchie girls using some gorgeous fabric she had gifted to me from her time spent in Malawi.  Think she might store wayward teabags in hers. 

Basic Tutorial:
  1. Cut 11 (2.5x 4.5inch) strips and sew together along long edges (1/4inch seams) to end up with one set of 6 strips (this will become the back of the pouch) and one set of 5 strips (this will become the front).  Play around with different fabrics if you like.
  2. Press seams in one direction.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of lining fabric  to match the finished size of your strip blocks.  I used a weather proof upholstery fabric (for some water resistance)
  4. Stitch small piece of velcro (loop) to top of right side of 5 strip block 
  5. Stitch matching small piece of velcro (hook) to top of right side of larger piece of lining fabric
    • Beware!  Don't make the mistake I did of sewing sticky velcro using my machine - the needle did not appreciate it!!
  6. Stitch each lining piece to its matching size strip blocks, wrong sides together, leaving a small gap to turn right side out
  7. Once right side out, press seams well.  You now have the front and back of the pouch made
  8. Stitch a 1/4 inch seam all the way around the 2 blocks of fabric to old the folds in place (can use a contrasting thread colour if you like)
  9. Pin front and back of pouch together, lining sides facing with velcro at the top.
  10. Stitch together along 3 edges to finish pouch.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Crinkly, Crunchy Tag Toy

My take on the popular 'taggy' toys for little ones.
A few prototypes first before I was happy with my version.  Not only loopy tags of different textures to pull and explore, but a crinkly noise inside to go with any exploration of the cloth.  A piece of cello cushioned inside a thin layer of wadding within the outer velvety soft fabric to make it extra enticing for little fingers to explore.  Happy with the end product at last.  So I decided to make up 3 more as gifts for all the newborn baby girls I know.

Basic Tutorial:
  • cut 2x 7inch squares of a soft fabric
  • cut 4inch cello paper square
  • cut 4inch square batting and tear in half to make 2 thinner pieces of batting
  • sandwich cello in between batting pieces
  • centre this 'sandwich' onto wrong side of one piece of fabric and hand baste to secure
  •  on other piece of fabric pin different doubled over ribbon lengths in place (onto right side of fabric with loops pointing inwards).  Vary the textures and also tie knots in some of the ribbons for interest.  Machine stitch in place close to edge (use stretch stitch if using stretchy/knit fabric).
  • Machine stitch both fabric squares right sides together, leaving a 1.5inch hole to turn right side out.
  • Once turned right side out, straight stitch close to the edge around border, re-securing the ribbons in place and forming a nice neat edge.
  • Sew a small 'X' over the cello & batting sandwich using a decorative stitch (don't go fully corner to corner as this makes the toy too stiff).  Easy!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Hootchie Mamas

With creation and inspiration themes of this site, it couldn't take long to introduce the 'Hootchies.  These are 4 of the most amazing women I know and treasure dearly.  No, they are not all black and big bottomed 'hoochie' mamas, the name 'Hootchie' refers rather to the camping shelter reminiscent of our uni breaks hiking on the Bibbulmun Track.  Just to help clarify our roles in the old days there was Fearless Doyen Leader Hootchie, Ergonomics Bollocks Hootchie, Un-healthy smelchy Hootchie, Happy Hootchie and then me, Hunchy Hootchie. Sure that makes things a whole lot clearer!
Particularly special over the past few months or so has been the times spent 'Carding'  (that is,  making homemade cards) with some or all of the Hootchie ladies, and last night was no exception.

a sparkly red feather dress

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Beginning

Craft something inspiring.

Create something new.

Capture something on camera.

A year at home in the new role of looking after a little one leads to new ways of maintaining sanity. There has to be an outlet somehow, and for me I have returned to creating and crafting whenever I have a spare moment.  The capturing of images in photographs has become a little more portrait focused with a baby around, and improvements could be made.  The crafting has also largely taken on a baby focus with the creation of designs for appliqueing on clothes for all the little ones I know.  But there are other ideas and projects to be made as well, and time to enjoy craft and time with my best-est 'hootchie' girlfriends too.
My aim in this endeavour of joining the world of blogging is more for me than anyone else.  A place to store my ideas and completed projects in one place instead of on sticky notes, jotted on random scraps of paper or just forgotten.  A place to reflect on what I've done in the past and maybe even a place to be inspired to begin something new.

One of my first applique creations