Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Beginning

Craft something inspiring.

Create something new.

Capture something on camera.

A year at home in the new role of looking after a little one leads to new ways of maintaining sanity. There has to be an outlet somehow, and for me I have returned to creating and crafting whenever I have a spare moment.  The capturing of images in photographs has become a little more portrait focused with a baby around, and improvements could be made.  The crafting has also largely taken on a baby focus with the creation of designs for appliqueing on clothes for all the little ones I know.  But there are other ideas and projects to be made as well, and time to enjoy craft and time with my best-est 'hootchie' girlfriends too.
My aim in this endeavour of joining the world of blogging is more for me than anyone else.  A place to store my ideas and completed projects in one place instead of on sticky notes, jotted on random scraps of paper or just forgotten.  A place to reflect on what I've done in the past and maybe even a place to be inspired to begin something new.

One of my first applique creations

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