Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Hootchie Mamas

With creation and inspiration themes of this site, it couldn't take long to introduce the 'Hootchies.  These are 4 of the most amazing women I know and treasure dearly.  No, they are not all black and big bottomed 'hoochie' mamas, the name 'Hootchie' refers rather to the camping shelter reminiscent of our uni breaks hiking on the Bibbulmun Track.  Just to help clarify our roles in the old days there was Fearless Doyen Leader Hootchie, Ergonomics Bollocks Hootchie, Un-healthy smelchy Hootchie, Happy Hootchie and then me, Hunchy Hootchie. Sure that makes things a whole lot clearer!
Particularly special over the past few months or so has been the times spent 'Carding'  (that is,  making homemade cards) with some or all of the Hootchie ladies, and last night was no exception.

a sparkly red feather dress

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