Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - The finale!

The finished quilted quilt!
Front and Back.

My machine handles straight line quilting very well, without any special presser foot - I just adjust the settings slightly - and so I'm a bit hesitant to try anything else...maybe next time!

And now some close ups for good measure...(after a VERY long IT support call this afternoon I can now finally upload photos from my camera to my new computer - DON'T get me started on Windows 8 - needless to say, I do not like!).
So here they are...

 Just a quick few shots of the quilting and binding process:

That's Little Imp's foot there - busy making her own blue polka dot quilt for her toy animals. She has also tested the planned 'game of same' that I will eventually make to use with the quilt - but figure I have a while before the baby will be up to matching and memory games!

Right, now onto the next project:)

Bungle Jungle Quilt outline
Red and Grey Block
Green and Navy Block
Aqua and Navy Block
Red and Yellow Block
Bungle Jungle Quilt Back

Friday, 23 August 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - the back

Here's the back of the Bungle Jungle Floating Blocks quilt:

The design of the back was in part driven by the realisation that I had underestimated the amount of dark grey background fabric I might need and the discovery I had a piece of perfectly bright yellow drill that could make up the difference I needed.  Excellent! This worked in well with my decision in ordering some more of the yellow polkadot fabric to use as the binding. I did look in the fabric stores here, but there really was nothing that worked, so American on line fabric purchase it had to be:(

I wanted to use the whole 10x10 inch square of the large animal print on the back, so decided to 'frame' & highlight this & then used off cuts - different shaped rectangles to break up the rest of the yellow. Something like this:

I added a yellow strip to each side of the off cuts:

Framed the large print square in dark grey, and then added yellow to the width I was after:

And then began adding solid yellow strips inbetween to make up the full length I needed. As usual, I underestimated how much I would lose in seams and ended up having to add in another few coloured rectangle to make up the full length I needed.

 Finally, once all the pieces were stitched together, I squared up the edges and stitched each long edge to a piece of grey. Done!

Then my least favourite bit...the quilting sandwich...

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - piecing the top

A bit of maths required for this next step. "Measure 6 times, cut once". Allow yourself extra fabric allowance & it will be even less likley that you will need to cut more than once...

Once finished, one of my favorite bits - hanging this type of quilt & looking into the stained-glass-quilt-window.

I played around for a long while with the layout, moving the finished blocks back and forth... but ended up with pretty much what I had mapped out on paper all those months ago. Then I worked out where the my dividing lines would go to make up the big blocks - it worked out that there would be 6 big blocks - worked out all the measurements on paper, allowing a good couple of inches leeway all around and then measured (6 times!) & cut out all the pieces of background grey fabric.

Given how large the blocks are I did find pinning worked well at times to make sure they remained aligned when sewing pieces together.

Here are the finished 6 blocks, with an idea how I then combined some of these together in the next round of sewing seams to get 3 blocks. 

Here is the measured & trimmed down view of the next stage - the big top & bottom rectangle blocks finished & ready to sew together.

Da da!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hoggie the Hedgehog

Isn't he cute?!

This is not an original - it is from this website. Very quick to piece together. I think my friend who is a bit of a hedgehog fanatic will be appreciative of this little toy for her baby when it arrives early next year.

I think my Hoggie's prickles are a bit denser than the pattern as I ended up cutting another long row of prickle fleece. Perfect for little baby fingers to grab and explore.  I also added a little jingle bell inside the stuffing for extra sensory fun!