Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - piecing the top

A bit of maths required for this next step. "Measure 6 times, cut once". Allow yourself extra fabric allowance & it will be even less likley that you will need to cut more than once...

Once finished, one of my favorite bits - hanging this type of quilt & looking into the stained-glass-quilt-window.

I played around for a long while with the layout, moving the finished blocks back and forth... but ended up with pretty much what I had mapped out on paper all those months ago. Then I worked out where the my dividing lines would go to make up the big blocks - it worked out that there would be 6 big blocks - worked out all the measurements on paper, allowing a good couple of inches leeway all around and then measured (6 times!) & cut out all the pieces of background grey fabric.

Given how large the blocks are I did find pinning worked well at times to make sure they remained aligned when sewing pieces together.

Here are the finished 6 blocks, with an idea how I then combined some of these together in the next round of sewing seams to get 3 blocks. 

Here is the measured & trimmed down view of the next stage - the big top & bottom rectangle blocks finished & ready to sew together.

Da da!