Friday, 15 April 2016

Another shower cap

The shower cap I made about 18 months ago has run its course - a new one was required and luckily for me I found a fabric I really liked to make a new one last weekend.

This is how it turned out. Tigger didn't oblige with a photo shoot like last time, so here is the shower cap sitting on the lavender bush!

I did attach the elastic using a different technique  than I used for the last few caps I made. I marked the elastic (19" for my head) and circle of the shower cap into eighths. Then I basted around the perimeter of the fabric circle once, and then again next to the first basted circle around the perimeter. Then I gathered the fabric using the basted stitches (pulling up one set of loose threads to gather half way in one direction & then did the same with the other 2 loose threads to gather in the other direction until the cap pretty much fitted my head. Only then did I attach the elastic using a zig zag stitch (next time use a wider zig zag stitch and/or make sure to keep to the right side of the elastic so that it isn't visible when wearing the cap).
Worked much better.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Sally Dress

I finally bought the Sally Dress pattern & made one for Little Imp. The pattern was super easy to follow, but the fabric estimations were far beyond what I ended up needing. That was a good thing in a way as it meant I had enough of some of the gorgeous print I bought years ago to use for the bodice outer & sleeves.

Paired up with a pink fabric with a tiny olive green and dark brown spot and a green fabric with a small leaf design.
 A little bit of whimsy added with these cute wooden buttons on the pockets, bought in a narrow lane way store in Chiang Mai with Little Imp a few years ago.


Size 5. Elbow length sleeves. 

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Washi Washi Washi. Washi 3 ways.

2015 was the year that I gained confidence in sewing clothes. It started with a few more kiddy clothes, and then a lovely colleague at work gifted me the Washi dress pattern. I realised I can do this, I can make clothes!

Here is Washi 3 ways.
My first take - a short top in rayon. I really struggled with the shirring on my sewing machine. It was hard work. No amount of playing around with the tension of the shirring elastic on the bobbin worked. Frustrating!

After loads of searching I found a way to do shirring on my machine (husqvarna Viking) that didn't require me buying a special presser foot. Thank you kbenco. This blogger gave me the technique of using the bridging zig-zag stitch and presser foot C to sew over the separate pieces of a looped piece of shirring elastic while keeping them slightly separated. Pull to gather and then repeat enough times to get the width of shirring needed.  No shirring elastic in the bobbin, just sew over shirring elastic laid on top of the fabric.  I wish I had found this site sooner - I could have saved a whole lot of frustration!

The next 2 versions were a whole lot easier with the shirring sorted. I adjusted the neckline slightly (a little higher and created a tunic length in lawn and then a dress length one too.

The dress is my favourite just for the fabric.

Lawn again, a bit too sheer not to line, so ended up doing a fully lined  version. Lining finishes at tunic length.

Details on the shirring on my Husqvarna Designer II:

Cut shirring elastic 40" long, fold in half and lay over marked line. Hook loop of elastic onto little section on back of presser foot C, Set stitch to bridge stitch (stitch #31) and sew. Elastic on right side slips into groove under presser foot and the stitch works right & left to catch both pieces of elastic.



Once all lines are sewn (I did 4 double rows), pull up and gather from each end until width is about 10"

Tie off each end to secure elastic.
Thanks again kblenco!