Friday, 15 April 2016

Another shower cap

The shower cap I made about 18 months ago has run its course - a new one was required and luckily for me I found a fabric I really liked to make a new one last weekend.

This is how it turned out. Tigger didn't oblige with a photo shoot like last time, so here is the shower cap sitting on the lavender bush!

I did attach the elastic using a different technique  than I used for the last few caps I made. I marked the elastic (19" for my head) and circle of the shower cap into eighths. Then I basted around the perimeter of the fabric circle once, and then again next to the first basted circle around the perimeter. Then I gathered the fabric using the basted stitches (pulling up one set of loose threads to gather half way in one direction & then did the same with the other 2 loose threads to gather in the other direction until the cap pretty much fitted my head. Only then did I attach the elastic using a zig zag stitch (next time use a wider zig zag stitch and/or make sure to keep to the right side of the elastic so that it isn't visible when wearing the cap).
Worked much better.

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