Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - The finale!

The finished quilted quilt!
Front and Back.

My machine handles straight line quilting very well, without any special presser foot - I just adjust the settings slightly - and so I'm a bit hesitant to try anything else...maybe next time!

And now some close ups for good measure...(after a VERY long IT support call this afternoon I can now finally upload photos from my camera to my new computer - DON'T get me started on Windows 8 - needless to say, I do not like!).
So here they are...

 Just a quick few shots of the quilting and binding process:

That's Little Imp's foot there - busy making her own blue polka dot quilt for her toy animals. She has also tested the planned 'game of same' that I will eventually make to use with the quilt - but figure I have a while before the baby will be up to matching and memory games!

Right, now onto the next project:)

Bungle Jungle Quilt outline
Red and Grey Block
Green and Navy Block
Aqua and Navy Block
Red and Yellow Block
Bungle Jungle Quilt Back


  1. I'd almost call that a reversible quilt - both sides look great! Looking forward to seeing Little Imp's own version and your next creations :)

    1. Thanks as always!...for reading...and commenting:)