Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Crinkly, Crunchy Tag Toy

My take on the popular 'taggy' toys for little ones.
A few prototypes first before I was happy with my version.  Not only loopy tags of different textures to pull and explore, but a crinkly noise inside to go with any exploration of the cloth.  A piece of cello cushioned inside a thin layer of wadding within the outer velvety soft fabric to make it extra enticing for little fingers to explore.  Happy with the end product at last.  So I decided to make up 3 more as gifts for all the newborn baby girls I know.

Basic Tutorial:
  • cut 2x 7inch squares of a soft fabric
  • cut 4inch cello paper square
  • cut 4inch square batting and tear in half to make 2 thinner pieces of batting
  • sandwich cello in between batting pieces
  • centre this 'sandwich' onto wrong side of one piece of fabric and hand baste to secure
  •  on other piece of fabric pin different doubled over ribbon lengths in place (onto right side of fabric with loops pointing inwards).  Vary the textures and also tie knots in some of the ribbons for interest.  Machine stitch in place close to edge (use stretch stitch if using stretchy/knit fabric).
  • Machine stitch both fabric squares right sides together, leaving a 1.5inch hole to turn right side out.
  • Once turned right side out, straight stitch close to the edge around border, re-securing the ribbons in place and forming a nice neat edge.
  • Sew a small 'X' over the cello & batting sandwich using a decorative stitch (don't go fully corner to corner as this makes the toy too stiff).  Easy!

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