Wednesday, 25 May 2011

A Little Pouch

I like tidiness, I like organisation.  I needed a little storage pouch for some of those girly bits that tend to get lost at the bottom of the handbag. Having recently discovered the art of patchworking (the finished quilt will be photographed soon) I decided to incorporate this skill in making the pouch.  I also wanted something that would be water resistant.  This is what I ended up with.

After making this one, I also made a smaller version for one of the Hootchie girls using some gorgeous fabric she had gifted to me from her time spent in Malawi.  Think she might store wayward teabags in hers. 

Basic Tutorial:
  1. Cut 11 (2.5x 4.5inch) strips and sew together along long edges (1/4inch seams) to end up with one set of 6 strips (this will become the back of the pouch) and one set of 5 strips (this will become the front).  Play around with different fabrics if you like.
  2. Press seams in one direction.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of lining fabric  to match the finished size of your strip blocks.  I used a weather proof upholstery fabric (for some water resistance)
  4. Stitch small piece of velcro (loop) to top of right side of 5 strip block 
  5. Stitch matching small piece of velcro (hook) to top of right side of larger piece of lining fabric
    • Beware!  Don't make the mistake I did of sewing sticky velcro using my machine - the needle did not appreciate it!!
  6. Stitch each lining piece to its matching size strip blocks, wrong sides together, leaving a small gap to turn right side out
  7. Once right side out, press seams well.  You now have the front and back of the pouch made
  8. Stitch a 1/4 inch seam all the way around the 2 blocks of fabric to old the folds in place (can use a contrasting thread colour if you like)
  9. Pin front and back of pouch together, lining sides facing with velcro at the top.
  10. Stitch together along 3 edges to finish pouch.

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