Saturday, 11 June 2011


 I've been needing some new ribbon for a while, for embellishing cards, making some more taggy baby toys and no doubt many other projects I am yet to think of.  Scouting around Spotlight I chanced upon a whole 3 racks of  clearance ribbons by the spool, only 70c each, so I stocked up.

Looking at the state of my current messy ball of existing ribbons, and with my need for order I decided to fashion a ribbon box to keep these ribbon spools mess free.  I'd seen something along these lines a while back in a craft magazine, but that was much fancier than what I had in mind.  A cardboard takeaway box that I'd been keeping for goodness knows what was finally put to use.  3mm wide spools along one side, 10mm spool along the other and holes made to thread the ribbon through.  A bit of prettiness stuck to the top of the box and hey presto, ribbon box complete!


..... And then....
.... Disaster Struck.... 

Disaster in the name of Little Imp.  
My fault really, leaving the box within reach, but oh what a tangled mess!

Basic 'How To':
  • Find a box that snugly fits all the spools of ribbon you have either in one row or two
  • Using a sharp implement poke/cut holes enough to match the number of spools in the box 
  • Then poke through the ribbon from the end of spool and place the spools side by side in the box 
  • This will leave you with a small piece of each ribbon sticking out each hole ready to unravel without tangle

ps. if you too have a Little Imp you might want to work out a way of securing the lid of your box better than I did first time around!

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  1. Thanks so much for inviting us into the world of your blog. It is brilliant - you are such a clever cookie. Great photos and your craft / baking is amazing. The ribbon organisation is gorgeous