Tuesday, 21 June 2011

We all scream for ice cream

Another 3 Suffolk Puffs get put to good use atop an ice cream cone....

Basic Tutorial:
  • Draw a cone shaped triangle on your 'heat-and-bond' or similar iron on adhesive product & cut out.  Iron this triangle onto the fabric you've chosen as the cone.  I had some stripy orange-ish fabric that worked well for my waffle cone. Then cut out the 'heat-and-bond' backed fabric triangle.
  • Using a water soluble fabric pen, rule lines parallel to the long edge of each side of the triangle.  These will form the guiding 'waffle' lines to sew along on the cone.
  • Next sew 3 Suffolk puffs out of plain coloured fabrics - these will become the scoops of ice cream.

  • Iron the cone in place onto the garment you've chosen to use (I've used a baby grow).
  • Using a short length (2.0) straight stitch sew around the edge of the ironed on cone & then along each of the ruled lines to create a waffle pattern ( I later ended up using a close zigzag stitch around the border of the cone to help it stand out once the Suffolk puffs were stitched in place- you can see this in the finished ice cream cone at the top of this entry).

  • Pin the Suffolk puffs in place overlapping each other and the cone & then hand stitch each one using matching thread.
  • Almost good enough to devour!

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