Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two more Little Birds

Two little birds from felt perching on some wonky strips of fun print fabrics. Another picture frame completed for Little Imp's Feature wall.

Basic 'how to'
To help with piecing the strips together given they were quite skinny I tried a trick of stitching them together with paper underneath to get the positioning right.  It seemed to help with lining them all up the way I wanted.

I drew the sewing lines on the paper and cut each strip slightly wider to give a seam allowance.  I wanted to keep the top pinked edge of each strip raw and visible, so just stitched each strip directly onto the next right sides up (rather than stitching wrong sides together and pressing out flat).  Once all the strips were sewn together I turned the whole lot over & tore off the paper.  Easy done.

Then two little birds were cut out of felt & ironed in place with some 'heat-and-bond' to stick them down.

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