Sunday, 9 September 2012

Felt Lemon

Little Imp loves pretending to make cups of 'lemin tea', so a lemon has to be included in the mix of fruit & vegies I'm making her for Christmas.


Instructions for one lemon.
Materials - Yellow felt (about 15cm square), scrap of green wool, needle, thread, stuffing, sewing machine

Lemon 'body' - I was right in my initial thoughts that the basic '3-piece template' that I used to make my felt apple would work for other fruit and veg & here is the same pattern used to make a lemon.

From yellow felt cut 3 pieces of the basic template shape.  

Place 2 of these pieces on top of each other & then stitch down one side from one point to the other.

Add the 3rd piece and stitch in place down one side.  Then stitch the final seam  to create a 3-piece 'ball' remembering to leave a 2-3cm opening at one point (where all the seams meet) for turning right side out & to stuff. 

Turn lemon right side out and fill with stuffing.  Then hand stitch the hole closed.  

Next form the 'nobbly' bit you often find at the end of a lemon (no scientific name like 'calyx' this time!) using needle & thread.  Hand stitch a running stitch around the lemon about 1.5cm from one pointy end and then pull the thread up to gather the felt to a rounded point like you can see below.  Once happy with the amount of gathering secure off the thread with a small knot.  Then at this same end of the lemon, & using a double thread, make a few small stitches at the very point of the lemon & then take the needle & thread through all the way to the opposite point.  Pull the thread just enough to get a slight dimple at each point.  Secure with a few more stitches & cut off.

At the opposite end of the lemon add a touch of green - I tied a knot in a small piece of green wool & then cut off the ends to essentially leave just the knot.  Hand stitch this small knot in place like in the picture below

Cup of lemon tea anyone?


  1. Very cool. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Hope yours turn out great!

  2. Thanks for your tutorial! It's great! I was looking for something like this :) I want to sew tea set for my doughter

    1. Thank you for the comment. A sewn tea set sounds amazing!