Thursday, 25 October 2012

Quilted placemats

A gift to the recent bride and groom

I had planned to post the full instructions for how to make these placemats and had even taken photos along the way.  Change of heart though for a few reasons.  One - I realised after cutting the navy and mustard fabrics that my method certainly wasn't the speediest and I could have saved myself lots of time if I had been smarter, so I'd hate to mislead all the vast number of readers of this blog (ha!).  Two - writing instructions takes effort & I just don't have any effort this morning.  Posting pictures is about all the energy I can muster.

Finished placemats, I decided to use felt in between the fabric layers rather than batting & it worked really well 

Placemats and a few double felt thickness potholder mats

Some of the quilting detail - the flowers are outlined through the top layer only, the straight lines go through all layers & form a pattern on the back of the mat)


  1. Well I for one always appreciate not being led up the proverbial 'harder version' garden path! :)
    Felt inside is a great idea too - would give it a really lovely 'weight' I imagine.

    1. Dearest Kath - thank you as always for your comments! Have tried changing my blog settings so I can email a reply back to you...thought I had it worked out a while back but not so please let me know if you get this message delivered to you otherwise I'll have to try something else...!?