Friday 13 December 2013

Kura bed - an ikea hack

An Ikea Kura bunk bed and an' Ikea Hack' of sorts.

I finished this AGES ago, but haven't got around to taking photos until now. Perhaps that is in part to the fact Little Imp's bedroom is not often quite this tidy!

There are lots of different ways of using the Kura bunk bed, but I haven't seen one that simply leaves out step to leave accessible storage space underneath.

We (the 'Royal We' that is - Little Imp's dad!) made up the bed as instructed other than inserting one of the panels (the longest one opposite the ladder) that in theory would stop your child falling out of bed when it is used as a bunk bed. This leaves a great sized area under the bed for storage - including the panel we haven't inserted into the bed.

I guess you could use a valance to hide the opening to the storage space. In this instance though, a well positioned armchair and some sheer, embellished curtains that I have made and hung part way around the bed work for us (these pics show the curtain slightly pulled back to reveal the storage space) that is normally pretty well hidden.

Of course this project lent itself to lots of fun - a place to stick all the butterfly wall decals we hadn't used yet and time spent making up coordinating bunting and little curtains to embellish the new bed. Fun creative times indeed!

To make the curtains
Stitch together fabric patterned scraps, embellish however you like and then sew onto solid coloured fabric.

Cut out sheer curtain fabric to the length you want plus a few inches extra. Fold over the top and stitch to create a tube for hanging the curtain. Hem the bottom.
Then gather lengths of ribbon, fold an inch over at the top and pin in place along the top edge of the curtain. Cut out some butterfly shapes from coloured netting and arrange to please along with the fabric pieces you made up before. Pin all in place.

Stitch each of the ribbons in place along the top of the curtain.
Stitch  a reinforced line through the middle of the net butterflies and around each of the fabric pieces.

Hang the curtains and some lovely bunting....bed time for little ones!

ps. if you like the armchair in the pictures here's the link to my armchair recovering post


  1. Awesome. I am envious on behalf of tali... No on behalf of me too! Love it.! Elisa

  2. Do you have a link to the butterfly stickers? or no of anywhere selling similar x

  3. Hi looks fab! Would you be able to advise the width and height of the storage spaces? I am wondering if the ikea malm under bed drawers would fit there? Many thanks

    1. Hi Rowena, Thanks for the comment! The interior measurement of each of the 2 wooden 'frame' openings underneath the bed is 93cm x 23.5cm. You can see this opening in the first picture of this post. Be interested to know if your drawer idea works! Thanks, Kendra

  4. Lovely! Can you still insert the omitted panel later if you want to turn this into a bunk bed?

    1. Yes, you'd need to take some of the bed apart though.