Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Clothes pin dolls and a shoebox doll house

Some clothes pin or peg dollies and a shoebox house for them to live in. This was one of Little Imp’s Christmas gifts, and she WAS impressed (thank goodness!).  

So much fun to make, and really not that hard. Just a bit of mess and imagination required.

Here are some of the initial characters:

And their shoe box home:

Come inside and have a play!

Apparently there was a mass evacuation due to a fire in the house! I'm assured everyone was ok (even though they might not look it!!) 

More detail on how I made the house and the dolls is on its way....


  1. Love this SOOOO much!!! Clever clogs you are :)

  2. Hootchie cleverness all around I say:)