Thursday, 19 June 2014

Half Square Triangle cushion covers - all done!

Part 2 of the making my half square triangle cushion covers. Once again I experimented with the turquoise cushion cover first…so this means the purple one should be mistake free … in theory! 

The front of the cushion I finished off like a mini quilt without the binding before making this into a full cushion cover.

For the 'mini quilt':
I used leftover sheeting scraps as the backing for the mini cushion quilt and a few smaller pieces of batting lined up alongside each other. 
backing fabric taped to floor & first piece of batting laid over this (I didn’t bother stitching the batting pieces together for such a small project)
 Then, as for any other quilt, place the top fabric on, pin through all 3 layers....

...and quilt away.  As I decided not to take the quilting all the way to the edge of the cover, I also used a long straight stitch to baste close to the edge of the cover to hold backing, batting and top layer neatly together.

Trim away excess batting & backing.

For the cushion backing:

My cushion measured 22” square.
Cut 2 rectangles of fabric 22” x 16”. Square these up well as they will then help square off the quilted front.

Take one rectangle (A) and along the short edge turn over ½ inch, press and then turn over another ½-1” and press again to hide the raw edge. Stitch to hold in place.

For the second rectangle (B), again turn over and iron approx 1/2” along the short edge. Then, turn over another 3” (or a little more) and press again. I didn’t stitch this second seam for this cushion, but I will next time.

Piece (A) with raw edge hidden and stitched in approx 1” seam. Piece (B) with ironed first seam and arrow pointing the (open) pressed 3” line
To assemble the cushion cover:
Place the quilted piece face up. Place backing piece B right side down as shown, matching raw edges to quilted piece (or placing squarely over top of quilted piece if the quilted piece isn’t properly square) and pin together.

Lay backing piece A right side down, overlapping where the cushion insert opening will be, and lining up with backing piece B where they overlap to keep square. Pin.

Sew front to back around all four edges, reinforcing at opening (where piece A & B overlap).

Trim excess batting etc and clip corners before turning right side out....

...and stuffing.

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  1. I love them! They give your couch such a wonderful sense of movement. (heheh!) Seriously, gorgeously made, and gorgeous colours in your bright sunny room :)