Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas crackers

I'm excited for Christmas this year. Preparations for feasts and advent and gifts are already underway in my little world.

One feast I am very excited about is to be hosted at our house, with all the Hootchie Ladies (my bestest uni girlfriends) and families coming to celebrate.

One of the other crafty hootchies and I have been at work making Christmas crackers. Here is a little of how it went down.

We gathered supplies - Christmas paper napkins (good for easy tearing therefore good for a good cracker rip), snaps, toilet rolls, raffia for tying, card and prettyness for decorating.

We wrote the jokes, super BAD cracker jokes - you can see how much fun this part was:)

Now, see those naughty little Christmas elves in the picture above. They were created last year and got up to mischief every morning of advent. Well they seemed to have got wind of Christmas preparations and made an appearance...and made us drink some wine...
So, we wrote the jokes, we found/made some trinkets (not showing you those pictures - it's a secret!), and we compiled the crackers. Lots of crackers.

We think they look good.

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