Sunday, 2 November 2014

Log Cabin Quilt

Another finished quilt, this time for a friend,  using up my last pieces of the bright and fun Moda Bungle Jungle fabric, along with some owl and spotty prints.

This is my first try at a log cabin pattern and I went for the 'modern' method of cutting first & measuring later. I like the fun of piecing different colours and fabrics together to gradually built up each layer of the logs.

Each block is 12"finished, with the middle block's final round of logs being the same colour as the sashing so as to look a bit different from the rest.
The middle square of each log cabin is somewhere between 2.5"-3.5", and the surrounding logs anywhere from 1"-3" wide. Most of the block are made up of 3 rounds of logs, but a few have 4 rounds.

Quilting wise I stitched around each centre square and the first lot of logs about 1/8" outside the seam line and then stitched in the ditch around each block.

The back was supposed to be a red spotty fabric, but after washing it many times & it still running I gave that idea up. So a blue spot it ended up being instead, with a line of owls to tie it into the front. I like how the quilting worked on the back, symmetry  with the outlining of each of the 12" blocks but then a bit of unevenness with the smaller squares inside each block.

All wrapped up and ready for delivery:)

Here are my other quilts using the Moda Bungle Jungle fabric line. They have all turned out so differently.
A floating blocks design
and a more traditionally style one.


  1. It took me YEARS to work out that the name of a quilt (eg Log Cabin Quilt) didn't mean that there had to be actual pictures of 'log cabins' on it.... doh... :) Love your work friend and your love that you turn into practically beautiful things for your friends. mwah!