Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Ashbury Peasant Top and another hairclip

I made one of these for Little Imp a few years ago and she has had so much wear out of it. It is an online pattern Ashbury Peasant Top that is super easy to make - no buttons or zips - and pretty forgiving.

I used a lightweight cotton for the first version & it is perfect for summer (saves the need to go through the battle of applying suncream to arms), or when it is a bit cooler with a layer underneath.

I have used the size 8 bodice sizing for the one I have just made, and the size 6 arms. Probably could have done a size 6 throughout, but too late now! Little Imp likes it, so that is the main thing.

Can't have a new dress without a matching hairclip & this is a super easy method.

Cut a strip of fabric about 16" x 2". Turn over short raw edges 1/4" wrong sides together and iron. Then fold in half lengthways and iron, wrong sides together. I then used pinking shears to trim the tiniest amount off the long raw edges to stop fraying. Set machine to the longest straight stitch length and then sew close to the raw edges to form a long tube. Pull up thread to begin to gather. Keep going with the gathering & the fabric strip/tube will start to twist. Once it is all gathered up work with the twist to sort of roll it up into a flower shape. Secure with some hand sewing and add a button in the middle to hide the messy bits. Attach to a clip - hey presto!

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