Sunday, 16 August 2015

Half Square Triangle quilt complete

It is done. This light dark HST quilt has taken a while to eventuate, but I am definitely happy with the result. The perfectionist in me can spy a few not-quite-perfect intersections. I have realised though that even quilts in fancy quilting books are not perfect and it is the overall impression that is what makes a quilt.

A plain teeny weeny dotty back shows the quilting lines

Finished size with binding about 41x57" (104x155). Backing - single piece. 
10 columns x 14 rows of HST (140 squares once made up = 70 light & 70 dark 5"charm squares).
Finished size of each square in quilt = 4",


  1. Your yellow Half Square Triangle quilt is wonderful! I like your idea to make a photo with a bricks wall behind.