Saturday, 11 February 2012

Decorating for Little Imp

This is currently the fantastic 'feature wall' in Little Imp's room.  More like the 'wonky empty frame wall' in Little Imp's room.  And this is how it has looked for months.

It was probably mid last year when I started sourcing all the picture frames, either finding cheap white ones or buying second hand op-shop frames & painting them in gloss white.  I  thought I was powering along with the project, working out the layout & banging hooks into the wall to hang them all.   I even got as far as deciding on a general colour theme.
Aqua - to match with the blue chair in Little Imp's room and the aqua elephant frame (a gift hand made by one of Little Imp's great grand parents)... and maybe a small dose of  poo-ba to girls generally not having blue.
Red - to match the red chest of drawers in her room and the red button bird picture (a gift from one of the hootchies).  Thought a few red frames would also add some interest & help the red theme along.
Pink -   I am a bit anti-pink, so this colour choice wasn't planned, but just happened when I found the inspiration fabric for the project.  I needed something that would pick up the red & the aqua & the print that grabbed me (the floral one in the picture below) also happened to include pink.  Going through some of the charm square packs I bought I found a whole selection of fabric pieces in these colours ready to be put to use in designing the 'feature wall'.

I temporarily filled one frame with a photo I'd taken of Little Imp's baby legs and Aunty Diddums filled the big red one with autumnal leaves collected after a play in the park.

And then nothing more...until this week.....

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