Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Freedom continued...Finished placemats

Finally, here are the finished placemats made using the improvisational pieced skew-whiff squares I made a while ago now.

The squares were blanket stitched using my machine onto the green background fabric before assembling the mats.  I took the easier path by not using binding to edge the mats, instead stitching front back and batting together before turning right side out.

Detail of the 3 front squares and quilted lines in coordinating coloured thread.

Table mats always get dirty so quickly, so I figured I would make them double sided - the back just has a single square.  Twice the use before needing washing!

Decided single smaller mats for hot plates would be more useful than a table runner.  I used two layers of batting to make them a bit more heat resistant.  Again double sided - one with a big block and the other with a single small block.

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