Wednesday, 14 March 2012

In the time it takes to clean the house...

How I will remember the Summer of 2012...
My feet are still giving me grief.  Moonboot on all my waking hours for the last 3 weeks while we swelter through heat wave after heatwave.  Euugh!

Trying to stay positive, I can come up with 2.5 good things that have come of this boot wearing.
1. My feet are beautifully soft and smooth - no hard, rough or dry skin here.  Husband says they are softer even than Little Imp's baby bottom!
2. I've hired a house cleaner.  This is the winning point.  She started today and I think she might be here to stay, even after the moon boot is no more.

Oh, and the half point of a good thing goes to Little Imp who has well and truly mastered the words 'shoe' and 'boot', and knows the difference between the two.

Look at what I did this morning in the time it took Cleaning Lady to clean the house.  Both productive ventures with good outcomes, but I know which I prefer!

1 comment:

  1. Great use of time crafty lady! (crafty in a good way that is, not in a 'snickering hunched over old man with a fake beard' kind of way). And I hope for your sake (who am I kidding - for my sake too) that the heat waves are well and truly over!!!!! xxk