Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lucy's Cloche

Little Imp loves her hats.  Most grateful that this means there isn't a constant battle to get her wearing a hat for outside play.  But at times she almost borders on hat-fetish status and there are days when she will insist on wearing all day, inside or out and even to bed!
A while ago a friend gifted me a pattern for Lucy's Cloche from the Olabelhe blog, and yesterday I finally got around to making it.

It was surprisingly easy to put together.  The main problem was the sizing, I realise the fit is supposed to on the baggy size, but my initial attempt was almost large enough for my head rather than Little Imps!  A few fairly easy adjustments solved that though.  The other change I made to the pattern was to just use felt in the brim rather than interfacing.  Will have to see how that wears over time, but at the moment I think it works better - much softer feeling than a heavy inter-facing and felt doesn't crease like some inter-facings tend to.  I also used a plain fabric for the underside of the hat which works nicely to soften the overall look given how bold and bright the outer fabric is.

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