Friday, 23 March 2012

A work in progress, a floating block quilt

A lovely quilter gave me a pile of material from her 'scrap' bin, including these Amy Butler Midwest Modern pieces which are going to inspire my next quilting project.

I spent a very happy afternoon trawling through all the charm packs I bought last year and pulled squares that go with the 'inspiration' pieces.  I ended up with a pile of aqua/blue tones, olive/lime greens and red/pink/mustardy yellows.  The prints overall have a bit of a retro-ish vibe I think and I do have a bit of a plan for how they will all end up pieced together.

Sticking with the 'modern quilting', as-little-measuring-and-accurate-cutting-not-always-required technique that works for me I sliced into each set of fabrics & then stitched strips together that are each about 12" long.  The plan is to piece these together into blocks and then find a background colour to put them onto....

finished strips randomly stuck up on my 'design wall' awaiting  the next step...

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