Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another Frame for Little Imp

There has been a long delay since I last worked on filling the final picture frames for Little Imp's feature wall.  The latest idea for one of these was thought up after last week's sewing lesson with Trish where we discussed using Kantha stitches to create patterns and designs in fabric.  I'd never heard of Kantha before, but now know that Kantha stitch is 'simply' running stitch that is used in different arrangements to make patterns on the fabric.  I will not try to pass off what I have done as anything as beautiful or delicate as what you will find if you do a search on traditional Kantha stitch, but this is my version.  My rows of running stitch 'paste' strips of material, some new, some scraps & one piece of vintage sequined something onto a piece of calico.  Some of the rows of blue stitching I used to add sequins & beads as well.  

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