Saturday, 16 June 2012

Recovering an armchair - Part 1

We have a beautifully shaped wing back armchair in our reading/ LittleImp's play corner that is in desperate need of being recovered, although the chair itself is sturdy sturdy & will see many years yet.  The white cover  though has seen better days, with stains and tears that can no longer be hidden with strategically placed cushions!

While looking for light fittings the other weekend I popped into a local furniture store and became smitten with the fabric on an particular armchair, an armchair that was also pretty comfy.  'Wasabi' green coloured geometric leaves all over on a cream background.  A quote to recover our armchair in said fabric turned out to be twice the price of buying the armchair in store. Mmmmmm, dilemma.

Decision:  Buy new comfy armchair from the store...Move old wing back armchair into LittleImp's room as a better reading chair than the one she has already....and here is the fun part.....recover the wing back chair!

I say 'fun' because I'm not going to attempt to redo the whole thing myself - that would be far from fun, that would be scary!  My plan is to use some of the existing cover that still has life in it and add and embellish to my heart's content to make a fun chair for a little girl's room.

I'm replacing the armrest sections and the cushion cover, so ripped them out & apart & used them as templates to cut the deep aqua green canvas I had bought as the replacement fabric.  Next I made up the box cushion cover with a zip in the back.  I winged the making of cushion cover a bit, but also found this tutorial by Design Sponge quite useful.   Then I couldn't help myself & decided to start on the 'embellishment' plan.  The tree is just the beginning....

And then came the owls and leaves, and plans for flowers and much much more!
I'm having fun!!

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  1. I love a good embellished wing back arm chair!! It looks fantastic!! How on earth are you 'sticking' bits on? Are you sewing? Stapling? Just ironing on with heat n bond? Clever ducky!