Saturday, 11 August 2012

Felt Memory Game

A Felt Memory Game...or 'The Game of Same'.

I've seemingly only been watching the Olympics over the past while given the lack of updates, but I have been busy crafting behind the scenes, promise!

A long time ago, shortly after making Little Imp's eye spy quilt, I came across this beautiful felt memory game on the Purl Bee blog.  My idea was that one day I would make a similar felt game but one that could also be used for matching to pictures on her eye spy quilt. Then, about a month ago now, Little Imp suddenly started matching similar things and saying 'Same'.  It seemed that the time had come to do something about making my version - 'The Game of Same'.  Perhaps not quite as pretty as the Purl Bee version, but also much simpler & faster to do.  After all the cutting out, the sewing up was surprisingly fast.

Matching same-same cards to onto the quilt

 Basic How To
Materials needed (enough to make 20 pairs):
  • Felt (I found some felt much stiffer than others, the stiffer felt works better for this project)
  • Medium interfacing
  • Assorted print fabrics - for this project I used left over eye spy quilt scraps
  • Clear home made templates (helpful but not essential)
  • Cutting mat, ruler & rotary cutter


  • Measure & mark 40x  3 inch squares onto the felt & then cut out into pairs using scissors. Given my cutting & measuring skills are not perfect, I found keeping the pairs together to start meant they were matched better when I came to cut & stitch. 
  • Measure & mark 40x  2.5 inch squares onto the interfacing & cut out using scissors into individual squares.
  • Cut assorted print fabrics into 40x  2 inch squares, 2 of each fabric.  This is where a home made 2x2 inch clear plastic templates can be useful. Use them to work out which part or the best part of the design/print you will fit into a 2inch square before cutting.  Although each pair is from the same fabric, for this game I wasn't fussed the picture on each one wasn't exactly the same.  Nothing wrong with a bit of a Game of Same-Same challenge!
  • To make each single memory 'card' do the following:  Cut a felt pair of squares in half.  Centre a fabric print square on top of one felt square and centre an interfacing square underneath the felt.  

  • Machine stitch around the edge of the print fabric using a blanket stitch, catching the interfacing as you do so.  I didn't bother using pins, as long as the fabric print is centered, the interfacing doesn't have to be perfectly aligned.  Trim any interfacing closer than 1/4 inch from edge of felt.

  •  Place the other square of felt onto the back to cover over the interfacing and align & pin together. 

  • Machine stitch using straight stitch around the outside of the memory card. Trim if needed to neaten.
back & front of cards
  • Then make another card to get your first pair.  Repeat as many times as you like!
  • I also made a matching felt bag (of course!) to store The Game of Same.  Little Imp does like her game & for her age the game of matching cards to her quilt is just perfect!


  1. Love this! And matching to the quilt, very cool. Thanks for the tutorial, I'll keep this one in mind.

    1. Hi Amy, Thank you for dropping by & leaving a comment too, lovely to think that another little person somewhere in the world may end up enjoying a 'game of same' as much as my Little Imp does!