Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hand stitched farm scene discovery

Mum & dad have recently moved house & in the packing & unpacking a little hand stitched scene I made about 15 years ago was found.  I only have very vague memories of doing it, but it was around the same time I made the hot air balloons scene that has ended up on Little Imp's feature wall.

The calico background was painted with mum's water colours before the scene took shape over the top.

 I stitched over some real paperbark to create texture in the tree trunk and a mix of french knots, chain stitch and straight stitch to create the flowerbed, garden and orchard.

The main part of the house was another layer of calico stitched in place over the background.

Seems I was into texture and stitch even back then...


  1. I saw this post and initially wondered when on earth you had found time to do this - must have been a lot of Olympic watching!!! But no, you are perpetually crafty and clever :) Love your work.

  2. It is amazing! And divine! Elisa