Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - Aqua & Navy Blocks

There will be 2 blocks from the aqua & navy print fabrics, one big & one smaller rectangle.

The larger Aqua & Navy block is essentially made the same way I put together the Red & Grey Block.

After cutting strips from the selected prints - an assortment of aqua, navy & some white prints for contrast  - I joined these into groups of 3 strips sewn down the long edge:    

... I then randomly cut each of these into 3 or 4 strips of different widths:

..and joined these together into mini 3x3 blocks:
Some of the mini blocks needed an extra row to increase their size so that I would end up with a block as big as I wanted, so that was added where needed...
 ...and then I joined these 'mini blocks' into one big block:

 And then squared it up (or 'rectangled' it up in this instance) to finish:

I also made a smaller rectangle aqua & navy block using some of the left over strips, as well as some longer pieces of the same fabrics:

Bungle Jungle Quilt outline
Red and Grey Block
Green and Navy Block
Red and Yellow Block

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