Saturday, 13 July 2013

Felt Weekly Activity or Routine Planner

Little Imp often asks in the morning, 'where am I going today'. Fair question given she spends her week days between mother-in-law, Daycare, Nanny or home with mum or dad, and then quite frequently we head away for the weekend to my parent's house.

I saw an in for creating a felt 'weekly activity planner'. Something Little Imp could use herself to look at and know the plan for the day.

My idea was 2 inch felt squares as a base, embellished with different symbols to represent the many places Little Imp might go in a week, as well as some of the more frequent activities she's involved in..  I wasn't sure initially if I would attach magnets to these and set the planner up on the fridge, or make a felt board to place in her room.

Here are some of the finished squares. Little Imp helped work out what some of the symbols should be and "assisted" with the gluing. The symbols ended up being made out of a combination of felt, glitter shapes, colored craft foam, scrap booking cut outs and fabric.

We live at number 7 - so these are for days at home

The days of the week were machine stitched onto felt.

I did try the magnet idea, but decided against it for a few reasons, so in the end I just cut a rectangle of felt for the backing, turned over about 5cm along the top edge and hand stitched this down. This created a space to thread a heavy piece of card into. I then clipped 2 holes along the top fold & inserted a small bulldog clip to clasp the card & create a loop for hanging.on the back of Little Imp's bedroom door.

After a few week's of use the only addition we've made is to add an arrow that we can move to point to which day 'today' actually is. The concept of today/tomorrow/yesterday is still a bit confusing to a Little Imp!


  1. Love this... Organising and crafting combined! Elisa

  2. That's a gorgeous weekly planner! How have you attached the 'what happens each day' bits to the main felt board - velcro? or is it just felt sticking onto the felt? I love the slightly abstract but beautifully individualised 'Little Imp version' of how she describes each activity :)

    1. Yep - just the 'feltyness' of felt that sticks the bits together! I do think that if I had stretched the main background board over something solid that the bits would probably stick even better, but it is working for now. Maybe version 2.0 will be made that way... Thanks!