Friday, 5 July 2013

Bungle Jungle Quilt - Red and Grey Block

Here is the next block towards making up the Bungle Jungle Floating Block Quilt for a new cousin...

 This block uses a slightly different technique from my Green & Navy Block, based (at least to start with) on Alyssa Haight Carlton's Improvisational Piecing Block of the Month. 

Red and grey improvisational pieced block

This is roughly what I did...

Just like the green & navy block, cut strips approx 2.5-2.75 inches wide off each layer cake square.

Join 3 strips together along the long edge. Here is one of the combinations I played around with ... if you do have double ups of fabric try to make sure they are in a different position in the rows (i.e. the grey /coloured spot fabric is on the outside in 2 of these combinations - would be better to have one in the middle). This just makes it easier to get more even/pleasing fabric combinations later on when you cut and re-join pieces together.

So, stitch the sets of 3 strips together....

And then wonky cut these into about 4 strips each of different widths:

Then join 3 of these little strips to make up a 3x3 mini block, and then another 3 to make another mini block..and so on, until you have 4 mini blocks. These might all be of slightly different sizes. Because I wanted a whole crocodile in the quilt I made the final block up a bit differently as you can see in the picture.

Once the 4 mini blocks are sewn up then sew 2 of these together, and then the other 2 together to end up with 2 bigger rectangles.

the 4 'mini-blocks', with the left side showing 2 of these already sewn together. 
Finally, sew the 2 rectangles together to form the final rough edged block. Later on it will get squared up, but I'm just leaving it rough around the edges for the moment.

Final 'rough' block

I'm not so sure that I like how definite this final seam joining the 2 rectangles appears compared to all the other slightly wonky lines. I've decided not to unpick just yet though, & will wait to see if I still notice it once all the other blocks are finished.

I added a row across one edge of the block - both because I wanted it a bit bigger in the end, but also, by adding this across the edge I also visually broke up the seam line I was worried about looking too 'straight'.
adding an extra row to the red and grey block

So now I have a Green & Navy Block 
& this Red & Grey Block.

Time to create the Yellow & Red....and Aqua Blocks....

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