Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bungle Jungle quilt ... and a chicken!

My first 'comissioned' quilt! For lovers of elephants and the colour red. They decided on a pieced squares and rectangles design and this is how things have progressed. It started with their chosen elephant & floral prints  and I've added in some of the elephants, polka dots and bright coloured prints from some of my stash of Bungle Jungle Moda fabric range. A little larger than what I would usually make for a baby quilt - because this one will be for twins! 

the first finished 'big-square' block

a growing collection of big-square blocks and little-square blocks

playing with the layout of all the completed blocks
But wait, what's this! A Chicken in my Button (sewing) Room??!!
Luckily she didn't make it any further than this as I literally flew across the room to shoo her out. Will have to be a whole lot more careful about shutting the door now that the chickens are free ranging!! (She clucked that the quilt is looking good though!)

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