Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Granny's paper pieced quilt

When I was a young girl my granny Harris hand pieced each of her 3 grand daughters a hexagonal patterned quilt. I still have mine today, although it is a bit smaller than it used to be as I cut away a few badly stained rows at one end and re did the binding.

I remember helping her a little. Using old travel brochures as the piecing paper and making piles of the little hexagonal templates granny needed. A bigger template was used to trace around and make the fabric hexagons. I’m sure I barely touched the sides, but I also remember spending time tacking the fabric onto the paper to make fabric hexagon piles for granny to then start stitching together. By hand.


Each hexagon flower with its white border needs 37 individual paper pieced pieces. A quick count of these plus the blue joiners gets me to close to 4500 hexagons!
A Huge Undertaking!

Thank you so much granny for the amazing love you stitched into my quilt. xxx

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  1. so beautiful!! and so lovely to see how you have been natured and nurtured into a quilter yourself :)